About Us


The Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group (SAWIG) was incorporated in 2009 by a group of community members concerned with the health and sustainability of the Stratford area watershed. The process began with regularly held meetings among interested area residents. These included members of the agricultural sector, landowners, government representatives, as well as various local organizations and businesses. The result of public meetings was a list of concerns and goals to be addressed by the watershed group.


With all aspects of life depending on the health of an area’s water resources, it is imperative that every effort be made to enhance and improve water quality. All flora and fauna in the region are connected to the watershed, and any activity performed; therefore, has an impact on the entire system. Given this interconnection, it is crucial the watershed includes all facets of the environment in its planning and implementation.

As a community working together towards the preservation and enhancement of Stratford’s diverse landscape and natural habitat, the Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group will foster interest and participation in watershed planning. Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group envisions that, as a community, area residents will work together to sustain the quality and quantity of freshwater available for the benefit of future generations.


The Stratford Area Watershed is situated on the South Shore Peninsula, across the Hillsborough River from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

The Stratford Area Watershed is an estimated 77km² (7690 hectares). The geographic area is land bounded by Fullerton’s Marsh, Hillsborough River, Charlottetown Harbour and Northumberland Strait, extending as far east as the community of Pownal.

Topography and geographical features are diverse, with buffer and coastal zones, salt marsh, freshwater marsh, meadow, high slope, streams and rivers, and agricultural fields and grasslands. The landscape of the Stratford area varies greatly. The elevations rise to 88.7 meters along the southern coast of Stratford and Alexandra; there are also areas of high slope adjacent to several tributaries in Fullerton’s Creek and Hazelbrook.

Rolling hills, a significant number of watercourses and kilometers of coastline demonstrate the region’s broad spectrum of topography.

SAWIG Watershed Boundaries and Work Zones

SAWIG uses a zone-based approach to watershed management. In 2021 the zones were adjusted to incorporate a gain in land as well as to ensure that each zone was a more accurate reflection of our sub-watersheds.

PEI Watershed Alliance Watershed Groups

The PEI Watershed Alliance is non-profit cooperative association of watershed management groups on Prince Edward Island and SAWIG is a founding member.