Rebecca and her pup back in Newfoundland

Rebecca King - Watershed Coordinator

Originally hailing from Newfoundland and Labrador, Rebecca moved to PEI in 2021 following the completion of her undergraduate degree in Environment and Resource Management.  In 2023, she graduated from the Wildlife Conservation Technology program at Holland College.

Rebecca has worked for SAWIG in a number of different roles, and has recently assumed the title of coordinator.

When she's not working, you'll find Rebecca indulging in her passion for nature by exploring scenic nature trails with her beloved dog or soaking up sun at the beach.  She's also quite the enthusiast when it comes to (casual) birdwatching!

Cayley Costello: Watershed Project Manager

Cayley was born and raised on Prince Edward Island.  She is currently enrolled in the Biology program at the University of Prince Edward Island, further specializing in Environmental Biology.  

After her graduation next year, Cayley hopes to continue building on her experience in the field of conservation biology.

In her spare time, you will likely find Cayley spending time at her favorite beach on the North Shore, or hiking in the woods with her family!

Cayley partaking in a SAWIG beach cleanup

Summer Staff

The Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group (SAWIG) is very dedicated to the betterment of the watersheds in which we serve. Although we work diligently throughout the year on a wide variety of projects and programs, we do the majority of our outdoor, “boots in the field” work throughout May-September. 

We have been very fortunate to have summer students for the last several years, and have accomplished a great deal to be proud of!  Summer staff crew numbers have changed throughout the years, ranging from 1-5 full time staff for eight to sixteen week stints.

Interested in what we have done the past seasons? Click here to see our past field reports!

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