Urban Naturalization

Urban Naturalization

SAWIG and the Town of Stratford recognize the tremendous importance of our ponds, streams, rivers and wetlands, and are committed to respecting the natural resources entrusted to us for present and future generations.  The Town of Stratford, in partnership with SAWIG, is in the process of selected naturalization in parks and public areas, with the purpose of further protecting surface water from run-off, erosion and pollution and creating additional habitat for wildlife.  We have started the naturalization process of Robert L. Cotton and Pondside Parks.

Naturalization around Cotton Pond, Robert L. Cotton Park

Mowing has ceased in selected areas of these parks to allow the areas to naturalize.  It may look "rough" for a few years until the native plants and trees mature.  Naturalization brings environmental and ecological benefits which include (but are not limited to):

It is the hope of the town and watershed group that this project will assist in a cultural shift towards increased awareness of the importance of urban naturalized areas. As this project is taking place in high profile locations, residents of the community are already seeing the results and benefits of urban naturalization. By converting selected areas of the landscape through naturalization, we can decrease the need for mowing, and provide naturalized spaces  for humans, animals, and native plant species.

Please feel free to contact either the town or watershed group with questions or comments!