Monarch Waystation Project

In 2019 SAWIG received funding from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation to begin a project aimed at restoring habitat for the monarch butterfly. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall of 2019 SAWIG created amonarch waystation” – essentially a garden built specifically to provide the necessary habitat for monarch butterflies to complete their life cycle.

The garden includes:

  • Over 50 native swamp milkweed plants, which are the only plant on which the monarch butterfly will lay eggs

  • Three types of native flowering plants, to provide nectar sources for the butterflies

  • Netting on which the caterpillars can form their chrysalis

  • Lots of sunshine and moisture for both the milkweed and the monarchs

This project was very successful, and in just the first season over a dozen monarchs successfully emerged as adult butterflies. This is a great achievement! What was originally a mowed lawn became a habitat for a species threatened by loss of habitat. This garden now forms part of the North American network of monarch waystations, a program by Monarch Watch.

If you want to know more about this project, or would like to start your own Monarch Waystation, get in touch with us!

The sign on display at the monarch garden: